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“An Abundance of Lithium, March 2008” was published in response to

Mr. W. Tahil’s 2007 paper “The Trouble with Lithium”.

Mr. Tahil defended the 2007 report with

“The Trouble with Lithium 2 - Under the Microscope”.

Mr. Evans challenges this most recent report in July 2008.


R. Keith Evans

Email  - Keith Evans

Keith Evans, a geologist by profession, first became involved in the lithium business in the early 1970’s when, on behalf of Selection Trust Ltd., was asked to evaluate the future potential of Bikita Minerals in what, at that time, was Southern Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe).  Selection Trust was the majority owner of the operation which, prior to the imposition of United Nations sanctions, had been the dominant producer of lithium ores for direct usage in the glass and ceramics industry.

Subsequently, he joined Lithium Corporation of America, the then leading lithium chemical producer and later moved to Amax Exploration. 

On behalf of Amax and a Chilean partner he negotiated with Corfo, a Chilean government entity, the rights to evaluate and develop that part of the Salar de Atacama that had not been leased to the Foote Mineral Company.

He was responsible for all aspects of the evaluation but when Amax decided not to proceed with the project it was acquired by Sociedad Quimica y Minera (SQM) and the company is now the world’s largest lithium chemicals producer. 

Throughout his career in the lithium industry it was his responsibility to monitor industry developments particularly in respect of new resources and he has continued as a consultant in a number of industrial minerals.

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